I had decided that for my portfolio I was going to do a few portraits and thought that maybe I should do some research. What I found was that there are many different types of portraits but what I found to be most interesting weren't necessarily portraits, but photos containing people.
Portraits are defined as a realistic interpretation of a person (or group) where the face and expression are predominant. The two types of photography that I looked at could be defined as portraits but seem to have their own larger category; they are photojournalism and fashion. Both incorporate people and often the face and expression, but sometimes that isn't the most important part. I think that is what makes the photo most interesting is that the person could be the accessory or the main subject, but either way they are essential for the photo to make sense and carry it's intended meaning.

Anyway, here are some photographers that I looked at and their work.


Mary Ellen Mark
Dorothea Lange
Esther Bubley

Fashion Photographers:

Francesco Carrozzini
Nikola Borissov