I came across a picture that perfectly describes what I want to try to achieve working with the Sony A300 and Photoshop (or at least something like this):

It is the bottom middle picture with the snowboarder.
(I'm only posting a link as the site states: All photographs are for personal use only, any photographs taken from this website or used for advertising, endorsements or re-sale will be considered copyright theft.Snapped Action remains the copyright owner until a licence for each photograph has been purchased.)

The group is called Snapped Action Photography. I've looked all over their site and unfortunately I have been unable to find the artist of this picture. However, judging by their phone number it appears they're located in the UK somewhere. I looked around their abstract section to find lots of amazing long exposure photos:
Fireworks, Lights, and Skateboards

I really enjoy these photographers (or this photographer...I wish they posted this information somewhere!) because they do mostly action shots, which I admire and enjoy very much. They are definitely inspiration for my portfolio. I also admire how much they experiment with long exposure. Their idea to capture a skateboarder with long exposure is very interesting and creates a beautiful and complex photo. I like the skateboard photos best when we do not see the skateboarder, although I do like that they experimented with putting the skateboarder in the shot. These guys (this guy? girl?) are very creative and create some amazing shots.