My name is Amber VanPinxteren. For my portfolio, I used action shots to convey the speed of technology. I used a Sony A300 as well as Adobe Photoshop to create my art. With my portfolio, I am exploring my belief that technology is powered by average, everyday people. I also believe we now live in a world surrounded by technology and that you must be quick in learning about new technology or you will fall behind in many aspects of today's world.
P.S. Some of the pictures may look cut off but that is because they took up a larger area than the area given. Please scroll to the bottom and use the horizontal slider to see the complete picture.

"Message Received" - I wanted this photo to convey the power of communication via technology through an everyday task, such as playing catch with a friend. Communication through technology is fun, quick-paced, and part of our everyday lives.
"Use It or Lose It" -This photo shows my belief that technology moves very quickly and that to stay current, you must keep up with current advancements in technology. While the average person may not be actually engineering new advancements, they are the ones that power the advancements: Technological advancements are made by what the average person desires. This picture perhaps makes the comment that technology may move very quickly, but so does the human race.
"Athletic Technology, Part 1" - I wanted this photo to show how technology has advanced the performance of athletes, both professional and amateur ones.Without technology, Devon's snowboard would be heavier (or may not even exist in the form we know it today) and wouldn't allow him to do the tricks that he performs. Athletes rely on technology to enhance their abilities.
"Athletic Technology, Part 2" -This is a continuation of my beliefs from "Athletic Technology, Part 1," but in a different form. Everything Joey is using, from his skis and his poles, to his goggles and even his jacket were all designed through technology. Joey may be a great athlete that uses nature to his advantage, but technology is what makes his sport even greater. Technology moves quickly, but so does Joey. Just as Joey is powered through his body to do his sport, his sport relies heavily on greater technology advancements to improve itself and its athletes.
"Binary Playground" - To me, this photo shows just how much fun technology is to use and to play with. With so many ways to entertain yourself using technology, from video games to social networking to watching hilarious videos, no one can ever say again that they were bored sitting at home with their computer and smartphone.
"Leaps and Bounds" - I believe this photo shows how far technology has come, even in Kevin's lifetime. He has gone from watching movies on VHS to watching them on Blu-Ray, cassette tapes to digitally downloaded albums, from playing Super Nintendo to Xbox 360, and from having one home phone to having a highly-portable personal phone. Technology has indeed made leaps and bounds very rapidly according to what consumers like Kev want to use.
"On the Right Track, Parts 1 and 2" -Originally, I was only going to show the last picture. However, I worked so hard on both these pictures that I felt compelled to share them both together as a set. I think these photos together show how far technology can take you, in many aspects of one's life and throughout one's entire life. I like to think that the first picture shows the span of a lifetime: how fast it passes by and how different each stage is, yet technology is there every step of the way. The second picture concentrates more on Jim's more recent life and how technology is always surrounding him. Jim makes sure to keep up with new technologies and he is not left behind; rather, he is on the right track to using technology to his advantage. Technology may surround him but it does not control him.