Ghosts and Thorneycroft-inspired making, not taking, photographs.

We experimented with long exposures in the dark and lighting our subjects, be they people of toys, with a hand held flashlight, painting the light onto them and deciding which areas would be emphasized and which would fall off into darkness. We also played with ghosts, using techniques common int he 19th century to convince people posing for long portraits that their ancestors were watching over them (an employee would slip quietly into the shot from behind for a few seconds of these minute long exposures). The work today was primarily inspired by Diane Thorneycroft.
These were both shot with an intermittent light while the student spun in a chair.
The image above and below were nearly identical but the blue one had ambient light on the other side of the room from a video projector.
The two images above were exposed while lit by a film projector standing in for a strobe light (24fps). Below was shot using a rotating disc with a slot cut into it which created an intermittent light.
This used the tilt focus and was lit by flashlight.