Emilie Lebel

Big Lie project for Film 311, January 24, 2011
On the morning of Good Friday, Johnny and George were flipping through channels; the Christmas tree was still up (because their mother Mary thought it was a nice decoration) and an April snowfall had plagued the streets of Regina. There was absolutely nothing on TV but Good Friday Mass and informercials so the boys both decided to watch the mass. The two homeschooled boys knew little about any religion except that Christmas was Jesus' birthday. It intrigued the boys to hear his name during what seemed to look like a funeral, just like the one they attended for their Aunt Nadine. The more tey listened the more they realized that to their horror, Jesus had been killed via crucifixion. They were watching what seemed to be his funeral on TV and this made the boys feel extreme grief and anger. To them, Jesus was a symbol of Christmas and someone had killed him! Their anger incited them to do something about it and so they disguised themselves as sheriffs and turned their toy box upside toy to find their guns. It was at that moment that their mother came downstairs and witnessed her two little boys dressed up. She took a quick pictures and before she knew it they were out the door.
Now, the boys had only ever seen a priest once and it was at the church from Nadine's funeral. So they set out towards the direction of the church. The walked a few blocks and found it. They barged through the doors in excitement. They had really wanted more detail on how Jesus had died but instead walked in to find the priest holding a golden cup above his head and shouting ''Drink this, for it is the blood of Christ'' The boys looked at each other in absolute horror and George yelled out ''Okay! Everybody down!!'' His voice echoed though the big church and so did the sound of bullets piercing heads. The boys had been given real guns for Christmas that year, with the parent's hope that it would keep them safe. They had perfect aim and the murderers were falling to their knees in pain. There was blood splattered every where. When they finally approached the priest they were out of bullets. The priest took it as a chance to grab the boys but the priest made eye contact with the boys in their cowboy uniforms and died on the spot from a heart attack caused by a raging erection.
The boys walked out in slow motion throwing cigarettes out from their mouths. Fake cigarettes of course. And they arrived home to find that their mother had finally taken down the Christmas tree.

~Emilie Lebel ~