Anthony Leeks

Big Lie project for Film 311, January 24, 2011

Back before people were politically correct there were hermaphrodites. Now we call them transgenders but it means the same thing. Michelle Elizabeth Moore was born with both sets of sexual organs. Her parents decided to wait and let Michelle decide which sex she wanted to be, but because they really had wanted a girl they gave her a girls name in hopes of influencing her decision later on. She was an especially happy child growing up in Flint, Michigan. She had a lot of friends in her neighbourhood and did not really question who she was. Only after being in the change room at the local YMCA did she question her mother about their differences. Her mother awkwardly explained the situation and told Michelle that she was a lucky little it, she got to choose whether to be a boy or a girl (she always tried to make the situation bright no matter how awkward). Michelle was confused but accepted it quite readily, like most kids do. The ice cream after the conversation probably helped though.
So Michelle decided to become a boyish little girl. She did this so she could chase her dream. The dream to become a child prostitute in Thailand. She felt that being a girl yet looking a little like a boy would help to draw in all the sexual deviants. She was right. Everyone loved her, even superstars, Gary Glitter was one of her regulars. Michelle, however, did not enjoy the lifestyle as much as she thought she would. The pay was terrible and she had to work long hours. She felt like she wasn’t reaching her full potential, God must have more in store for her. So she moved back to Flint to be with her family and to commemorate the occasion they took this photo. They were a very happy and close family.
On a sidenote... Michelle chose wrong, as she grew older she didn’t develop like a young woman should. So she went in for surgery again and is now better known as Michael Moore. Michael has reached his full potential as an influential filmmaker in the good ol’ US of A.